Our Goals

We strive to provide the best Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu training and create a family-oriented environment where everyone, regardless of age or physical fitness, can train and feel comfortable. We provide each individual with the instruction, guidance, and support needed to allow each person to achieve their goals as a martial artist and as a person. While honoring each person’s individual strengths and skills they bring with them to the academy, each person has access to decades of expert jiu-jitsu instruction, knowledge, and insight. We take great pride in being an academy that goes beyond the art of jiu-jitsu and creates a family within our academy where each person feels at home and always feels a sense of community. This way we can provide all the knowledge needed to reach their full potential and overcome all their limitations.


Benefits of Joining our Academy

Learn self-defense.
Enhance your self-confidence.
Learn self-discipline and respect.
Improve your social skills and
make new friends.
Increase your focus, energy, and concentration.
Enjoy significant gains in overall fitness.

Academy description

We are located in a 4,500 sq. feet. warehouse with two restrooms, two change rooms, and 2,500 sq. feet of mat space divided into four competition areas including an extra area for private classes. We currently have the largest mat area space in San Jose, California. Our mats are clean every day and also we have a big parking lot. We invite you to come and visit the academy, meet the instructors and train with us.


 CONTACT US to schedule your free intro class!